Driving digital efficiencies in HR

HR departments in organisations of any size face daily issues and challenges with paper-based processes. Together, PFU (EMEA) Limited and independent DMS providers have developed an innovative solution that streamlines HR business processes and reduces paper reliance.

Challenges faced by non-digitised HR functions today


Processing information

Admin-heavy, paper-based systems mean inefficient record keeping. Centrally-stored files inhibit remote access and are a security risk.

days every year are spent on admin by SMEs1

Analysis and insight

Manually analysing paper-based data takes too much time. Manually monitoring diversity, pay transparency and benchmarking for compliance is difficult.

of HR managers struggle to access data or analytics2

Handling and storing employee data

Paper-based data is complex and takes time to navigate. Storage and access limitations make data-handling laborious, expensive and prone to human error.

of an organisation’s productivity is lost due to information management inefficiencies3

Staff communication

Managing version control and keeping employees updated across multiple locations is difficult.

of employees feel disconnected4


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Does dealing with these challenges daily seem familiar?

Discover how a digital HR function can provide effective solutions.

Centralise all employees' records in One Place


Our Document management solution provide centralised storage for HR-related information within employee folders, enhancing accessibility and organisation.

Document filing: Effortlessly scan employee documents directly into DMS filing cabinets

Streamlined Access: Quickly retrieve any employee record from a centralised digital repository, reducing time spent searching through physical files.

Enhanced Security: Protect sensitive employee information with encryption and secure access controls, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

Space Saving: Eliminate the need for physical storage, freeing up office space and reducing clutter by converting paper documents to digital formats.

Streamlining HR processes

Streamline Employee Workflow Management by digitising paper-based processes from onboarding to offboarding, enhancing efficiency and productivity.


Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding

Digitise all onboarding documents, such as contracts and identification, to ensure quick and accurate processing and easy access for new employees.

Leave Management

Leave Management

Convert paper-based leave requests to digital forms, facilitating faster approval processes and easy tracking of leave records.

Performance Reviews

Performance Reviews

Scan and store performance review documents to create a centralised, easily accessible repository, ensuring that records are accurate and up-to-date.

Records Management

Records Management

Manage the entire lifecycle of employee records digitally, from hiring to retirement, ensuring that all documents are securely stored and readily accessible.


Benefits of a digital HR function

Boost efficiency, save space, enhance security, and contribute to sustainability with our comprehensive digital document management system.

  • Increased Efficiency: Digitising documents speeds up processing times, enabling quick access and retrieval, and reducing the time spent on manual data entry.

  • Space Savings: Eliminate the need for physical storage space by converting paper documents into digital formats, freeing up office space for other uses.

  • Enhanced Security: Protect sensitive HR information with secure digital storage, reducing the risk of document loss, theft, or damage compared to paper files.

  • Environmental Sustainability: Reduce paper usage and contribute to sustainability efforts by minimizing the need for printing and physical document handling.

  • Improved Accuracy: Digital documents can be indexed and organised systematically, reducing errors associated with manual filing and retrieval.

Capabilities of Ricoh Scanners for HR

  • High-Quality Scanning: Effortlessly digitize paper documents with our advanced scanner technology, ensuring high-resolution, searchable digital files.

  • DMS Integration: Integrate scanned documents directly into your DMS, for easy storage, retrieval, and management.

  • Automated Workflows: Create automated workflows that route documents to the right personnel for approval, review, or action, reducing manual handling and errors.

  • Secure Document Management: Ensure the confidentiality and integrity of HR documents with robust security features, including access controls and encryption.

  • Mobile Access: Access, manage, and approve documents from anywhere using mobile devices, enhancing flexibility and productivity.