RICOH Smart Meeting Devices

Make hybrid meetings more productive with portable monitors and projectors, all from one trusted brand.

Helping organisations adapt to hybrid working and boost productivity. Introducing an entirely new category of devices from RICOH. Smart Meeting Devices are designed to make meetings more productive and engaging.

The range includes portable monitors and laser projectors, with more products coming soon.

Portable Monitors

RICOH Portable Monitors are a new generation of ultra-lightweight displays for faster, more direct and engaging collaboration in Smart Meetings. With fully wireless battery and mains-powered models, they can be handed to customers or colleagues for an effortless and impactful content sharing experience.

The 15.6-inch, high-quality, high-contrast OLED 10-point multi-touch screen makes content easier to consume, review and create. Whilst enabling users to highlight, draw or annotate content for instant collaboration whether in-person or online.

They also vastly improve hybrid working, providing an ideal second screen that’s easy to carry, set up and use in small spaces or when travelling.


RICOH Portable

Monitor 150

RICOH Portable <br /><br />Monitor 150

RICOH Portable

Monitor 150BW

RICOH Portable <br/><br />Monitor 150BW

RICOH Stylus Pen

Type 1

RICOH Stylus Pen <br/><br />Type 1

Laser Projectors

The RICOH Projectors are special in so many ways. Whether you work remotely, in an office, or somewhere ad-hoc, these projectors are here to rewrite the rule book. There are four families within the RICOH Laser Projectors, ranging from space-saving compact laser projectors, to our High End, high-lumen powered projector.

They’re all easy to set-up, boast awesome brightness with long-life light sources and have the ability to project high- quality colour realistic images, some even in brightly lit environments. Impressed? Wait till you hear what’s launching soon – a Standard Throw Projector that can project a 60-inch image from as close as 60cm to the wall, and our Broad Use Projector, which projects 300-inch images from up to 12.89 meters away.

So, whatever your smart projector needs, these portable, powerful and highly adaptable RICOH projectors have the answer.


Compact Laser


Compact Laser <br /><br />Projectors

High End Laser


High End Laser <br /><br />Projectors