If you are experiencing difficulty using your scanner, or suspect it is faulty, please contact SupportDesk for assistance.

If your scanner is deemed to be faulty, it has a 1 Year Warranty, valid from the date you purchased the product.

Support Contacts


Telephone Support for Ricoh fi & SP Series Scanners


Email Support for Ricoh fi & SP Series Scanners

Warranty Information

Product Duration (Years)¹ Advance Exchange² Onsite Repair³ Preventative Maintenance⁴
SP-1120N 1 ü û û
SP-1125N 1 ü û û
SP-1130N 1 ü û û
SP-1425 1 ü û û
fi-65F 1 ü û û
fi-800R 1 ü û û
fi-8040 1 ü û û
fi-8150 1 ü û û
fi-8250 1 ü û û
fi-8170 1 ü û û
fi-8270 1 ü û û
N7100E 1 ü û û
fi-8190 1 ü û û
fi-8290 1 ü û û
fi-7460 1 ü û û
fi-7480 1 ü û û
fi-7600 1 û ü û
fi-7700S 1 û ü û
fi-7700 1 û ü û
fi-7800 1 û ü 1 visit
fi-7900 1 û ü 1 visit

¹ From Date of Purchase
² Next Business Day Exchange, Includes Parts, Labour & 2-Way Shipping
³ Next Business Day Response, Includes Parts, Labour & Travel
⁴ Included in Warranty for Mid-Volume Production Scanners

Warranty Provider

Belmont Road
United Kingdom