PFU (EMEA) Limited optimises high volume scan environment productivity with launch of new RICOH Image Scanners range.


London, January 11, 2024

PFU (EMEA) Limited today announces the launch of three new RICOH Image Scanners, which offer a highly flexible, resilient, and cost-effective solution for high volume scan environments.

Optimised for heavy duty environments, the RICOH fi-8950, fi-8930 and fi-8820 Image Scanners are designed to handle continuous scanning of large volumes of documents, featuring durable construction, 500 sheet (fi-8820) or 750 sheet (fi-8950 and fi-8930) Automatic Document Feeders, and scanning speeds of up to 150PPM subject to model.

Consistent performance is ensured by high-speed USB 3.2 or Gigabit LAN connectivity, and their wide 105° opening angle and internal LED lights, which make them easy to maintain.

Stoppages are avoided and time is saved thanks to state-of-the-art paper protection features such as Stapled Documents Detection and Automatic Skew Correction. And the Intelligent Multi-Feed Function also understands when to stop for stickers, Post-its or labels, and when not to.

Many different types of documents can be handled without fuss or interruption because of the two feed paths in each model; the classic U-turn ADF, and the straight-through path which accepts documents up to 1.25mm thick. And mixed batches are no problem thanks to the Automatic Profile Selection feature.

RICOH Image Scanners’ reputation for industry-leading OCR accuracy rates and exceptional image quality is maintained through a combination of our unique Clear Image Capture technology, and the PaperStream IP driver which also removes noise and optimises file sizes for lower-cost storage.

Tiered service plans and fixed-cost consumables and replacement parts offer predictable running costs, and back and front-side post-imprinting options are also available. Plus at just 23kg, the easy grip handles and compact size make these models extremely transportable for production level scanners.

The solution package is completed by PaperStream software, but these scanners can be flexibly deployed with any other capture application. They’ve also been optimised for use with industry-leading PaperStream Capture Pro software, when being deployed into multi-station environments.

“With this new range we wanted to change the rules for high volume scanning.” comments Hiroaki Kashiwagi, President, and CEO of PFU (EMEA) Limited. “As the world’s most trusted scanning solutions, we know it’s critical to offer the intuitive technology and ease of use, combined with performance, resilience, and cost-effectiveness to optimise heavy-duty scanning operations. These new models deliver on all fronts,” continues Kashiwagi.

For more information on the RICOH fi-8950, fi-8930 and fi-8820 Image Scanners visit:

RICOH fi-8950 Image Scanner
RICOH fi-8930 Image Scanner
RICOH fi-8820 Image Scanner

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Date: January 11, 2024
City: London
Company: PFU (EMEA) Limited