Ricoh SP & fi Series Scanners and Smart Meeting Devices

Digital transformation and the rise of hybrid working are changing the business landscape. From scanners that boost organisational productivity to Smart Meeting Devices that enhance meeting productivity, our products fuel growth, collaboration, and innovation.

Scanners para grupo de trabalho

Scanners de Rede

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Smart Meeting Devices

Monitor portátil


Monitor portátil <br /><br />150

Monitor portátil


Monitor portátil <br/><br />150BW

Stylus Pen

Tipo 1

Stylus Pen <br /><br />Tipo 1

Projetores laser


Projetores laser <br /><br />compactos

Projetores laser

de alcance padrão e curto

Projetores laser<br /><br />de alcance padrão e curto

Projetor laser de

utilização alargada

Projetor laser de <br /><br />utilização alargada

Projetores laser

topo de gama

Projetores laser <br /><br />topo de gama