Organisational Intelligence

Enabling digital transformation to deliver business value

How taking an Organisational Intelligence-led approach enables digital transformation efforts to deliver both operational and strategic value.

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What is Organisational Intelligence?

Organisational Intelligence (OI) is the capacity of an organisation to derive maximum value from its data. This happens through the creation of flexible knowledge pathways that add value at every stage and to every employee.

“Simply digitalizing existing processes isn’t enough”

Organisational Intelligence Research Report 2020

Underpinning the concept is the principle of making the right data accessible to the right people and systems at the right time, enabling them to deliver new insights that support robust business decisions. Digitisation can make this happen, but needs a guiding framework vision to ensure maximum return on effort. This is what OI provides.

35% of organizations do not yet have a clear plan for digital transformation

Organisational Intelligence Research Report 2020

Organisational Intelligence: Sustainable competitive advantage

Taking an OI-led approach allows you to focus on how information flows and is utilised throughout an organisation. Improving flow and access leads to greater empowerment and employee engagement – a strategic benefit that can not only drive continuous progress, but which is extremely hard for competitors to identify and follow.

Breakthrough insights

Good business decisions need robust, breakthrough insights. These come from building the systems and processes that allow in-depth analysis of available data. These systems need an infrastructure that can consistently and efficiently capture and feed them with high-quality data. This requires accurate digitisation of information held in physical documents.

Stay one step ahead of your competitors

Because an OI approach is all about data access, it can be applied to every process and every person, transforming the way they work – and even how they think about work.

In doing so, it allows organisations to continually adapt to changing conditions and opportunities, making it a continuous source of competitive advantage that is difficult for others to match.

Why solid OI foundations also make operational sense

Due to it being the entry point for digitised data flowing into business systems, scanning is widely regarded as the foundation of digital transformation.

And because it is a cost-effective and relatively fast, low-risk technology to deploy, it can be quickly integrated into a digital transformation vision.

It provides fast, measurable operational efficiency improvements, and lends momentum to the early stages of a wider, longer-term transformation effort.

How Organisational Intelligence supports digital transformation

Download our research report, ‘How information capture is enabling digital transformation success’.

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