The RICOH Broad Use Laser Projector

Powerful and highly adaptable, ideal for medium-sized or specialist requirements

The RICOH PJ WUL6760 Broad Use Laser Projector offers power and versatility across a broad range of use cases and environments.


Ricoh compact laser projector side viewIf you’re asking yourself ‘what’s the best projector for business meetings?’ the Broad Use Laser Projector could be the answer. Let’s talk lumens. The bright 6000 lumens laser light source delivers incredibly clear, vivid imagery in small, medium or even larger venues - projecting a 300-inch images from 7.96 meters away (wide). What’s more, it boasts 3LCD technology, which heightens visual impact, delivering a greater depth of colour (for over a million colours), and the WUXGA resolution gives you detailed, sharper images.

The RICOH Broad Use Laser Projector comes with a host of advanced adjustment and correction features to provide enhanced image quality, even on some curved or uneven surfaces. Thanks to its six-point, four-corner, curved and 187-point grid image correction, this projector not only delivers greater visual impact, but it can also easily handle the trickiest of fixed installations. This makes it ideal for fixed installation or awkward meeting room situations – like having to project from considerably off-centre positions.

Its WUXGA chip delivers ultra-widescreen image resolution, and also 4K signal compatible; the RICOH Broad Use Laser Projector is the ultimate all-round smart projector, creating incredible images in small, medium or even larger venues.


Projects 300-inch images from 7.96 meters away

Long life laser light source

The laser light source has a long life of 20,000 hours (max 30,000 hours with eco mode), which is 6-7 times the life of a typical projector bulb source. It also features slow attenuation, meaning there is no risk of a sharp reduction in brightness or sudden black screen.


High resolution and 4K signal input

Its WUXGA chip delivers ultra-widescreen 1,920x1,200 image resolution. The PJ WUL6760 is also 3840x2160Hz compatible, which means it can directly play 4K resolution format audio and video content.


Vertical and horizontal lens shift

The vertical +60% vertical and ±29% horizontal lens shift enables a wide range of image adjustment without moving the unit, allowing greater freedom of installation position.

 PJ WUL6760 laser projector lens shift


High image quality with 3LCD technology

3LCD technology enables projection of vivid images with incredible depth of colour. The PJ WUL6760 covers 90.4% of the Rec.709 colour gamut for natural, realistic images.


360 degree projection

The PJ WUL6670 can be installed to project through 360 degrees, making them highly flexible, reducing installation limitations and greatly expanding the application range.



HDBaseT technology is a multi signal transmission system that uses a single fiber optic cable. High-definition video and document data can be transmitted uncompressed through LAN cable, with a maximum transmission distance of up to 100M by using HDBaseT technology.


1.6x Zoom

A 1.6x zoom allows the same size image to be maintained if the projection distance is changed.


Quick start up

Full brightness is achieved within seconds of turning the projector on. The light will also turn off within 5 seconds of the unit being powered off.

 PJ WUL6760 laser projector power on time graph

Auto ceiling

A built-in angle sensor can automatically correct the image’s orientation


New cooling system

The air in typical cooling systems flows in one direction. In our new system, airflows meet and push one another between a polarising plate and an LCD panel, creating a spiral flow which dissipates heat more effectively, and extends the life of both the plate and panel.


Four corners and six points correction

The four corners correction function can adjust each corner of the image separately to adapt to the projection screen. In addition, two centre points can also be adjusted for six point correction – suitable for projecting onto square pillars or room corners.


Curved correction and grid image adjustment

Images can be adjusted to fit curved projection surfaces. The PJ WUL6670 also features grid adjustment correction functionality, with 187 correction points.


PJ WUL6760 projector six points correction example



  1. USB-B terminal
  2. LAN terminal
  3. USB-A terminal (5V/2A)
  4. HDMI1 IN terminal
  5. HDMI2 IN terminal
  6. Computer IN terminal
  7. HDBaseT terminal
  8. Monitor OUT terminal
  9. PC-Control terminal
  10. Audio IN terminal
  11. Audio OUT terminal
Product Name RICOH PJ WUL6760
Security Link to PSTI Compliance Statement
Resolution WUXGA (1920x1200)
Device LCD
Light Source Laser
Brightness (lm) 6,000
Lens type Fixed lens
Throw Ratio 1.2-2.0
Zoom Ratio 1.6x; Manual
Image size (inch) 30-300
Throw distance (m) 0.765-12.885
Speaker 16W mono
Size (w/ feet, mm) 405x358x137
Weight (kg) ~7.7
Lens shift (V/H) Manual (H:±29% / V:+60%)
Focus Manual
Power on time (sec) 18 (normal) / 36 (eco)
Power off time (sec) 8
V/H Keystone Yes (±30°)
4 corner keystone Yes
6 points keystone Yes
Pincushion correction Yes
Grid adjustment Yes
360º tilt free Yes
Portrait mode Yes
Edge blending No
USB display No
USB memory projection Yes
HDBaseT Yes
PJ link Yes
Crestron No


Dust proof (optical engine) No

*COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2019/2020: The light source of this product is not intended for applications other than image projection.


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3 Year Warranty

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