RICOH Standard & Short Throw Laser Projectors

The next level in Standard and Short Throw Laser Projectors

The PJ WUL5A50 Standard Throw and PJ WUL5A40ST Short Throw are here to solve your meeting room projector needs, big or small. How big? Well, PJ WUL5A40ST, the Short Throw model, can project an image from just 51cm away, making it ideal in areas where space is minimal.


Ricoh compact laser projector side viewUsing 3LCD image processing technology, the PJ WUL5A50 gives you 5200 lumens of brightness for greater image detail over distance, and the PJ WUL5A40ST 4500 lumens makes it ideal for the smaller meeting space. With this level of power, images stay clear, defined and of high quality - even in brightly lit environments.

If it’s great features that you’re after, they both deliver. All models in this family are equipped with the WUXGA chip, allowing them to deliver ultra-widescreen image resolution. They are also 4K signal-compatible.

The Standard Throw model, PJ WUL5A50, also offers an extremely large vertical lens shift range for easy screen positioning, making them ideal for both table-top and fixed applications. And their combination of excellent brightness and multiple image correction functions means they can also be effectively used for smaller-scale indoor signage.

In summary, these projectors for business meetings are perfect when space is short but large, bright, high-quality images are needed. The Short Throw model can project a 60-inch image at under 60cm from the wall or projection screen, and both give you clear and defined high quality images, even in brightly lit environments. Brilliant in every way.


various Ricoh standard & short throw laser projectors being used in a museum room


Perfect for small rooms where large, high-quality images are needed

Ricoh standard & short throw laser projector used for golf simulationLong life laser light source

The laser light source has a long life of 20,000hours (max 30,000 hours with eco mode), which is 6-7 times the life of a typical projector bulb source. It also features slow attenuation, meaning there is no risk of a sharp reduction in brightness or sudden black screen.


Light weight, portable design

At only 5.2kg (WUL5A50 model) and 5.5kg (WUL5A40ST model), these models provide small, convenient standard and short throw projector options that can easily be moved from room to room or fitted into a fixed installation.


1.6x Zoom (PJ WUL5A50)

A 1.6x zoom allows the PJ WUL5A50 model to maintain the same image size if the projection distance is changed.


0.44 Throw ratio/zero offset short throw (PJ WUL5A40ST)

The PJ WUL5A40ST short throw lens enables you to project a 100 inch screen from 0.97m distance. Images can be fully projected with zero offset, useful where there is limited space or in low ceilinged rooms.


3LCD technology

3LCD technology enables projection of vivid, true colour images thanks to an inorganic LCD panel and phosphor wheel. These elements also help prolong the unit's life.


Multiple picture modes

These models come with a number of pre-defined picture mode settings which can be selected in accordance with the usage environment. Choose from Standard, Bright, Natural or DICOM SIM modes.


High vertical lens shift (PJ WUL5A50)

For the PJ WUL5A50 model, +60% vertical lens shift enables a wide range of image adjustment without moving the unit, allowing greater freedom of installation position.


360 degree projection

Both PJ WUL5A50 and PJ WUL5A40ST can be installed to project through 360 degrees, making them highly flexible, reducing installation limitations and greatly expanding the application range.

 Ricoh standard & short throw laser projector 360 degree projection


Quick start up

Full brightness is achieved within seconds of turning the projector on. The light will also turn off within 5 seconds of the unit being powered off.


Auto ceiling

A built-in sensor can automatically correct the image’s orientation.


High resolution and 4K signal input

A WUXGA chip allows each of these units to deliver ultra-widescreen 1,920x1,200 image resolution. Thy are also 3840x2160Hz compatible, which means they can directly play 4K resolution format audio and video content.


16W Speaker

Each model is equipped with a 16W speaker, so sound can be broadcast to a whole room without the need for any plug-ins.


New cooling system

Both models feature a unique “direct wind flow design” which balances wind pressure and airflow to uniformly cool the LCD panels.


Image adjustment functions

Four corners/six points and curved correction functions allow the image to be fitted to the projection surface. In addition, grid image correction provides 187 adjustment points.


Standard and Short Throw projector curved image correction gif



  1. Audio IN (L/R) terminal
  2. Audio OUT terminal
  3. Computer IN terminal (VGA)
  4. HDMI1/HDMI2 terminal
  5. USB-B terminal
  6. USB-A terminal
  7. Video IN terminal
  8. Audio IN terminal
  9. Computer OUT terminal (VGA)
  10. PC Control terminal (RS-232C)
  11. Remote Receiver (Rear)
  12. LAN terminal
Security Link to PSTI Compliance Statement
Resolution WUXGA (1920x1200) WUXGA (1920x1200)
Device LCD LCD
Light Source Laser Laser
Brightness (lm) 5,200 4,500
Lens type Fixed lens Fixed lens
Throw Ratio 1.2-2.0 0:44
Zoom Ratio 1.6x; Manual -
Image size (inch) 30-300 55-150
Throw distance (m) 0.765m - 12.885 0.514 - 1.468
Speaker 16W mono 16W mono
Size (w/ feet, mm) 390x294x128 390x319x144
Weight (kg) 5.2 5.5
Lens shift (V/H) Manual (V:+60%) NA
Focus Manual Manual
Power on time (sec) 15 15
Power off time (sec) 5 5
V/H Keystone Yes (±30°) Yes (±15°)
4 corner keystone Yes Yes
6 points keystone Yes Yes
Pincushion correction Yes Yes
Grid adjustment Yes Yes
360º tilt free Yes Yes
Portrait mode Yes Yes
Edge blending No No
USB display No No
USB memory projection Yes Yes
HDBaseT No No
PJ link Yes Yes
Crestron No


Yes Yes
Dust proof (optical engine) No No

*COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2019/2020: The light source of this product is not intended for applications other than image projection.


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