RICOH 360 Meeting Hub

An inclusive, seamless meeting experience

Makes remote meetings feel more inclusive, immersive and seamless.

The RICOH 360 Meeting Hub is a 3-in-1 360 camera, speaker and microphone that makes remote and in-person meeting attendees feel like they’re together in the same place.



Remote working has many benefits but for many, video conferences can be a bit of an issue. People feel unconnected as a group and a conference room webcam can let you down. Well, not with our 360 Meeting Hub. In fact, its panoramic 360-degree camera and superior voice pick up (from up to 6 metres away) mean everyone can be seen and heard.

Entire groups are displayed simultaneously, so no one appears distant, and individuals attending remotely can see and hear everyone as if they were there in person. The camera automatically focuses on those speaking and adjusts the image so facial expressions are clear – even up to 3.6 meters away. In addition, Auto Gain Control functionality adjusts the volume so that all participants can be heard equally, and interactions can flow seamlessly.

Thanks to its dual fisheye lens, the device can identify up to 8 individual speakers, and highlight the three most recent participants in high-resolution, larger frames. Whilst acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction ensure all participants can be heard clearly – even in places with background noise.

Set-up and operation are stress-free and seamless – intuitive plug-and-play functionality means you simply plug the RICOH 360 Meeting Hub into a laptop with no need to configure multiple devices or install complicated software.


a group of people using the Ricoh 360 Meeting Hub in a conference meeting video conference with the Ricoh 360 Meeeting Hub

Welcome to realistic and life-like remote meetings.

a group of colleagues in a meeting room having a conference call with the Ricoh 360 Meeting HubAutomatic Image Adjustment

The camera incorporates auto-zoom, contrast, white balance, Anti-Flicker, Local Tone Mapping (LTM) and exposure features. Participants up to 3.6 metres from the unit are displayed in high clarity, showing facial expressions in detail.

Voice Activation at Distance

The unit’s omni-directional microphones pick up all speakers’ voices up to 6 metres from the unit in a 360-degree radius. Even if participants are standing or moving around, interactions can flow seamlessly.

Hear Everyone Clearly

Auto Gain Control automatically adjusts the sound level so that all participants within radius can be heard equally clearly - with no need to manually adjust the volume for different speakers.

High Performance Audio

A HiFi4 DSP audio processing chip and firmware combine with the omni-directional speakers to deliver high-quality sound. Acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction and simultaneous two-way conversation technology ensure all meeting participants, even those in areas with background noise, can speak and be heard clearly and naturally.


Gives everyone the confidence to participate


close up of the conference camera on the Ricoh 360 Meeting Hub360 Panoramic View

The 360-degree high-resolution camera displays all meeting participants in a panoramic view, so everyone is seen equally, and no one appears distant.

Highlights Multiple Participants

The camera identifies up to 8 active participants in the meeting for visual auto-focus, and highlights the 3 most recent speakers in larger frames so that remote attendees can easily see who is speaking, promoting free-flowing conversations.

High-Resolution Images

The dual fisheye lens delivers high-resolution images ensuring every individual in the group is displayed simultaneously and can be seen clearly.


Use anywhere for every audience and meeting


Buttons on the top of the Ricoh 360 Meeting Hub devicePortable Ergonomic Design

The lightweight 1.1kg ergonomic design makes the RICOH 360 Meeting Hub easy to carry and set up on any flat surface. The unit’s wide base and curved body make it both stable and easy to grip. And the inset camera design protects the lens from damage in transit.

Versatile Location

With its omni-directional mic and speakers, the RICOH 360 Meeting Hub can be used in a variety of locations and meeting set-ups. Mounted on a tripod stand, it is ideal for stand-up meetings and huddles in a factory, on a store floor or at an event site.

One-Touch Multiple Screen Layout Switching

A touch sensor on the top of the unit means you can instantly switch between screen layout options to accommodate various meeting scenarios. Choose from 360-degree panoramic or split-screen 180-degree views, to display both sides of a meeting table. Up to 4 layout options are available with manually selected main speaker image highlighted or with other speakers in sidebar.


Stress-free and seamless to set up and use


Plugging a Ricoh 360 Meeting Hub devicePlug and Play Set Up

Simply position the device in the centre of your meeting table or mount on a tripod and plug into a laptop with a USB-C cable to start a meeting. No complicated conferencing configuration or software to download.

Conference Platform Compatible

This Smart Meeting Device works with most common conferencing platforms including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex and Google Meet.

RICOH 360 Meeting Hub
Model Name RICOH Meeting 360 V2
Camera Field of view (FOV) Horizontal: 360°, Vertical: 42±2°
Image sensor 12M x 2
Output resolution*1 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720
Frame rate*2 30 fps, 10 fps
Video range 3.6m
Image processing Auto White Balance, Auto Exposure, Anti-Flicker, LTM (Local Tone Mapping), Dewarping, Stitch, Cropping, Zoom (Scaler)
Microphone Method Three-microphone array
Directivity 360°
Audio pickup range 20 ft (6.0m)
Audio processing Mute, Auto Gain Control, Noise Reduction, Echo Cancellation
Speaker Wattage x Number of speakers 8 W x 3
Directivity 360°
Sound Pressure Level (SPL) Power supply from AC adapter 91 dB (1 m)
Power supply from PC via USB Type-C cable 81 dB (1 m)
Network*3 Ethernet 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T
Wireless LAN 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax
Screen layout

1. 360° panoramic image & Auto-selected speakers image [Default]
2. 360° panoramic image & Pin Screen image*4
3. 360° panoramic image & Pin Screen image with Auto-selected speakers image*4
4. 180° panoramic image x 2

Size Dimensions (W x D x H) 110.2 x 110.2 x 272.6 (mm) / 4.34 x 4.34 x 10.73 (inches)
Weight 1129 g / 2.49 lb
Interface USB Type-C port 2 ports (USB 2.0, USB 3.1, PD 3.0)
Ethernet port*5 RJ-45 x 1 port
Kensington security slot Standard slot (3 mm x 7 mm) x 1 slot
USB power delivery Power supply from AC adapter DC20 V / 2.25 A (max), AC100-240 V 50-60 Hz 1.7 A
Power supply from PC via USB Type-C cable DC5 / 3 A (max)
Power consumption*6 Power supply from AC adapter 45 W
Power supply from PC via USB Type-C cable 15 W
Environmental condition Temperature 10-32°C
Humidity 15-80% (No condensation)
Operating environment Supported OS Windows 10, version 1803 or higher / Windows 11 (64bit) / / macOS 12 Monterey / macOS 13 Ventura / macOS 14 Sonoma (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro)*7
Operation-checked video conferencing platforms
Microsoft Teams / Zoom / Cisco Webex® / Google Meet™
Accessories AC adapter 45 W (20 V 2.25 A), AC power plug, USB 3.1/2.0 m/3 A cable (Type-C to C) x 2, Warranty URL, Read This First, Quick Guide
Recommended usage environment (When using the layouts that has the active speakers' focus images) Number of users*8: 1-8 person(s)
Range of seated angle: 45 degrees per person
Installation position: The main unit must be placed within 3.6m from the person(s) speaking
Tripod screw thread 1/4 inch tripod screw hole at the bottom
Standard warranty period 3 years

*1Frame rate is automatically switched depending on the speed of the web conference application in use
*2With AC adapter: 30 fps / With power supply via PC: 10 fps
*3Network is used only on the occasion of firmware update
*4Pin Screen can be set in the RICOH Meeting 360 Apps
*5Network is used only on the occasion of firmware update
*6In case PC is compatible with USB power delivery (PD)
*7macOS is supported from the Firmware Version 0002.0001.0000.0021
*8The theoretical number of users the camera can ideally capture in this recommended environment

Free Software / Downloadable software

Product name RICOH Meeting 360 Apps for Windows / RICOH Meeting 360 Apps for Mac
Compatible OS Windows 10, version 1803 or higher / Windows 11 (64bit) / macOS 12 Monterey / macOS 13 Ventura / macOS 14 Sonoma (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro)




Package contents

  • RICOH Meeting 360 V2
  • AC adapter
  • USB cable (Type-C to C) x 2
  • Type-C AC power plug
  • Type-BF AC power plug
  • Warranty URL sheet
  • Read This First
  • Quick Guide

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3 Year Warranty

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