RICOH Compact Laser Projectors

Compact for every day, standard throw use

The RICOH Compact Laser Projector family features two models, the RICOH PJ WXL5860 and the PJ WUL5860, both are perfect for everyday use in smaller office spaces and meeting rooms.


Ricoh compact laser projector side viewSo, what’s the difference between the models? Well, they're both smart projectors and they don't compromise on brightness or power; the PJ WXL5860 boasts a powerful 4,700 lumens, while the PJ WUL5860 gives off an impressive 4,000 lumens. What's more, the PJ WUL5860 even has WUXGA chip, and its high-resolution capability makes it easier to deliver presentations from laptops without resizing.

The space-saving design of RICOH Compact Laser Projectors means their footprint can fit into the smallest of offices. Both utilise DLP image processing, and a long-life laser light source, making them quick to turn on. Being easy to set-up and use, plus their small size, light weight and fast start-up make them especially suited to ad-hoc use, when they might be moved from room to room.

Unlike many similar projectors on the market, they come with vertical lens shift functionality, allowing users to easily adjust the image position without moving the projector itself.

Setting up these projectors is fast and easy. They both power on in just 10 seconds, and they’re easy to use - meaning downtime between presentations is kept to a minimum.

So, if you’re looking for a meeting room projector that combines a premium viewing experience with realistic visual image reproduction, along with versatility and ease of use - even when space is limited, RICOH Compact Laser Projectors are the choice for you.


Projecting high quality, even in small spaces

Ricoh compact laser projector in a meeting roomCompact and Portable Design

At just 4.3 kg (PJ WXL5860 model) and 4.6kg (PJ WUL5860 model) in weight and with a footprint of only 337 x 265 x 108mm, RICOH Compact Laser Projectors provide a versatile, short throw day-to-day solution for smaller presentation spaces.


Multi-Module Laser Light Source

The multi-module structure laser light source supports continuous operation for 7 x 24 hours and outputs a stable brightness of 4000-4700lm (subject to model). The laser beam is produced by multiple laser diodes, increasing reliability. It offers three laser power modes: Normal, Eco, and Image ECO. The Image ECO mode can dynamically adjust power consumption based on image brightness, extending the life of the laser diode.


High Image Quality and Wide Colour Gamut

These DLP projectors use RICOH's unique NCE natural colour gain technology, efficiently covering over 92% of the Rec.709 colour gamut range and delivering natural and realistic colours.


20,000 Hour-Long Life

The laser light source has a long life of 20,000 hours, which is 6-7 times the life of a typical projector bulb source.


Quick start-up

Full brightness is achieved within seconds of turning the projector on. The light will also turn off as soon as the unit is powered off.


4K Signal Compatible Display

The PJ WUL5860 and PJ WXL5860 models are compatible with 3840x2160HZ, which means they can directly play 4K resolution format audio and video content.


Horizontal and Vertical Keystone/Four Corners Correction

Complex or uneven installation surfaces can cause distortion of the image. The four corners correction function can adjust each corner of the projection screen separately, supplemented by horizontal and vertical keystone adjustment, delivering a rectangular final image.


Vertical Lens Shift

The +10% (PJ WUL5860) and +12.4% (PJ WXL5860) vertical lens adjustment ranges make these models easier to ceiling-mount, enabling image adjustment without moving the unit.


IP6X Dust-Proof Design

Dust is a key factor affecting the life of a projector. The fully closed optical engine in both models meets the IP6X dust-proof standard, effectively eliminating image speckle, brightness decline, and projector life decline that dust can cause, as well as significantly reducing the cost of maintenance and consumables.



The HDMI2.0 interface expands bandwidth to 18GBps, achieving a refresh rate of 50/60Hz in 4K image transmission – about twice that of HDMI1.4. This makes playback lively, smooth and much gentler to the human eye.


360-degree Installation and Portrait Orientation Support

The PJ WUL5860 and PJ WXL5860 projectors can be installed to project through 360 degrees, making them highly flexible, reducing installation limitations and greatly expanding the application range.


Supports DICOM SIM medical mode

Equipped with DICOM SIM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine Simulation), these models are suitable for projecting monochromatic medical images, such as X-ray films, MRI, and tomography images. Details of medical images can be presented to a wider audience in a large, high-definition format, ideal for medical education environments.


Customisable ID Remote Control

Up to 99 projectors can be assigned a separate ID and individually controlled, one at a time.



The solid-state semiconductor laser light source used in the PJ WUL5860 and PJ WXL5860 models contains no harmful mercury elements – unlike many bulb projectors which use high voltage mercury lamps.



  1. HDMI 1 IN terminal
  2. Service terminal
  3. HDMI2/MHL terminal
  4. PC Control terminal
  5. Video terminal
  6. Computer IN terminal
  7. Audio IN terminal
  8. Microphone IN terminal
  9. Audio OUT terminal
  10. Monitor OUT terminal
  11. 5V/1.5A terminal
  12. LAN terminal
  13. AC IN socket
Product Name RICOH PJ WXL5860 RICOH PJ WUL5860
Security Link to PSTI Compliance Statement
Resolution WXGA (1280x800) WUXGA (1920x1200)
Device DLP DLP
Light Source Laser Laser
Brightness (lm) 4,700 4,000
Lens type Fixed lens Fixed lens
Throw Ratio 1.113-1.523 1.21-1.59
Zoom Ratio 1.36; Manual 1.3; Manual
Image size (inch) 30-300 29-303
Throw distance (m) 1.0-7.2 1.0-7.9
Speaker 8Wx2 8Wx2
Size (w/ feet, mm) 337x265x122.5 337x265x122.5
Weight (kg) 4.3 4.6
Lens shift (V/H) Manual (V:+12.4%) Manual (V:+10%)
Focus Manual Manual
Power on time (sec) 10 10
Power off time (sec) 0 0
V/H Keystone Yes (±30°) Yes (±30°)
4 corner keystone Yes Yes
6 points keystone No No
Pincushion correction No No
Grid adjustment No No
360º tilt free Yes Yes
Portrait mode Yes Yes
Edge blending No No
USB display No No
USB memory projection No No
HDBaseT No No
PJ link Yes Yes
Crestron Yes


Yes Yes
Dust proof (optical engine) Yes (IP6X) Yes (IP6X)

*COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2019/2020: The light source of this product is not intended for applications other than image projection.

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This product includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young (
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