RICOH High End Laser Projectors

High power for larger installations

The RICOH High End Laser Projectors take high-lumens power for larger installations to another level. These three models boast long-life laser light sources, they utilise DLP image processing technology and are available in 7200, 8500 and 9600-lumens options.


Two Ricoh high-end laser projectors being used on a curved screen in a museumIf you’re looking for the best projector for meetings, large conferences, exhibitions and larger digital signage, the RICOH PJ WUL6670, PJ WUL6680 and the PJ WUL6690 are just what you need. Their outstanding brightness levels can effectively deliver a 300-inch image from approx. 8 metres away (wide), even in bright environments. And, thanks to edge-blending technology, multiple RICOH High End projectors can be combined to produce extremely large images.

These capabilities, when combined with grid image correction, the ability to cope with curved surfaces, and having multiple input interfaces including HDMI 2.0 and HDBaseT, make them ideal for larger fixed, or ceiling installations.

Taking things a step further, their suitability for such environments is amplified by the wide image adjustment scope, and the fact that its zoom, lens shift, and focus functions are fully motorised via remote control – making adjustment easy - even once they have been mounted.

NCE natural colour technology delivers output comprising over a million colours. Being able to cover 97% of the internationally recognised Rec.709 colour gamut means images are extremely close to actual colour reproduction.

So, if you’re looking for high quality images, complete with high lumen power, our High End Laser Projectors are perfect in every way.


Two Ricoh high-end laser projectors being used on a curved screen in a museum Ricoh high-end laser projector in a boardroom


Highly desirable High End Laser Projectors

Ricoh high-end projector being used in a lecture room at a university

Multi-Laser Module Structure

The multi-module structure laser light source supports continuous 24/7 operation. The laser beam is produced by multiple laser diodes, increasing reliability.


High Brightness

The RICOH PJ WUL6670, PJ WUL6680 and PJ WUL6690 models continuously and stably deliver brightness levels of 7,200lm, 8,500lm, and 9,600lm respectively. Clear, sharp images can be obtained even in bright environments, making these projectors suitable for applications in various fields such as large auditoriums, conference rooms, hotels, and large-scale exhibitions, among others.


High Image Quality and Wide Colour Gamut

Using a WUXGA chip to project widescreen, high-definition images, these DLP projectors combine RICOH's unique NCE natural colour gain technology, RGB advanced adjustment and GAMMA type selection to efficiently cover over 97% of the Rec.709 colour gamut range, delivering natural and realistic colours.


20,000-Hour Long Life

The laser light source has a long life of 20,000 hours, which is 6-7 times the life of a typical projector bulb source.


4K Signal Compatible Display

3840 x 2160HZ compatible, which means this device can directly play 4K resolution format, audio and video content.


Multiple Remote Image Correction Functions

Supports ± 30° horizontal and vertical keystone, four corners, six points and grid image correction functions. The remote control enables easy geometric correction for projection onto surfaces such as spheres and curved screens.


Remote, Electric Focus / Zoom / Lens shift

The wide ±25% horizontal and ±55% vertical image adjustment ranges of the electric lens shift, greatly increase freedom of installation position. This family of projectors supports remotely controlled motorised focus, high magnification zoom and image adjustment functions, without needing to move the projector.


IP5X Dust-proof Design

Dust is a key factor affecting the lifespan of a projector. The key optical components of the PJ WUL6670, PJ WUL6680 and PJ WUL6690 models use a specially designed, sealed optical structure, achieving an IP5X dust-proofing level to prevent dust from damaging the unit.


Edge Blending Function

Avoid additional edge-blending software costs thanks to the built-in edge-blending function. Multiple large images can be combined to produce a single, seamless, extremely large image. Excess brightness in overlapping parts can be eliminated by adjustment of the fusion band.



HDBaseT technology is a multi-signal transmission system that uses a single fibre-optic cable. High-definition video and document data can be transmitted uncompressed through LAN cable, up to a maximum transmission distance of 100m by using HDBaseT technology.


360-Degree Installation and Portrait Orientation Support

These models can be installed to project through 360 degrees, making them highly flexible, reducing installation limitations and greatly expanding the application range to include scenarios such as projection onto ceilings and floors, along with portrait orientation.


Supports DICOM SIM medical mode

Equipped with DICOM SIM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine Simulation), these models are suitable for projecting monochromatic medical images, such as X-ray films, MRI, and tomography images. Details of medical images can be presented to a wider audience in a large, high-definition format, ideal for medical education environments.


Picture in Picture and Picture By Picture

It is possible for a single projector to simultaneously project the content of two input sources on one screen, enabling the projection of multiple images, whether in PIP or PBP format.


Customisable ID Remote Control

Up to 99 projectors can be assigned a separate ID and individually controlled, one at a time.


Network Management, Remote Projector Monitoring Support

These projectors support various network protocols such as "Extron", "PJ Link", "AMX", "Telnet", and "Webserver" via an inbuilt application. This manages the status and operation of multiple network projectors such as power ON / OFF, and input source switching.



The solid-state semiconductor laser light source used in these models contains no harmful mercury elements – unlike many bulb projectors, which use high voltage mercury lamps.



  1. Screen Trigger terminal
  2. Remote IN terminal
  3. HDBaseT terminal
  4. LAN terminal
  5. HDMI2 terminal
  6. HDMI 1 IN terminal
  7. HDMI OUT terminal
  8. Computer IN terminal
  9. 3D Sync IN terminal
  10. 3D Sync OUT terminal
  11. DC 5V/1.5A terminal
  12. Audio IN terminal
  13. Audio OUT terminal
  14. PC Control terminal
  15. AC IN socket
  16. Anti-theft lock hole (Kensington ™ lock)
Security Link to PSTI Compliance Statement
Resolution WUXGA (1920x1200) WUXGA (1920x1200) WUXGA (1920x1200)
Light Source Laser Laser Laser
Brightness (lm) 7,200 8,500 9,600
Lens type Built-in lens Built-in lens Built-in lens
Throw Ratio 1.22-1.53 1.25-2.0 1.25-2.0
Zoom Ratio 1.25x; Motorised 1.6x; Motorised 1.6x; Motorised
Image size (inch) 40-300 30-300 30-300
Throw distance (m)

Wide: 1.03-7.95

Tele: 1.30-9.96

Wide: 0.78-8.22

Tele: 1.26-13.06

Wide: 0.78-8.22

Tele: 1.26-13.06

Speaker 10Wx2 10Wx2 10Wx2
Size (w/ feet, mm) 486x376x181 486x376x181 486x376x181
Weight (kg) 12.0 13.5 13.5
Lens shift (V/H)

Motorised V:±55% /


Motorised V:±55% /


Motorised V:±55% /


Focus Motorised Motorised Motorised
Power on time (sec) 18 18 18
Power off time (sec) 22 22 22

30dB (normal)

25dB (eco)

34dB (normal)

27dB (eco)

36dB (normal)

27dB (eco)

V/H Keystone Yes (±30°) Yes (±30°) Yes (±30°)
4 corner keystone Yes Yes Yes
6 points keystone No No No
Pincushion correction Yes Yes Yes
Grid adjustment Yes Yes Yes
360º tilt free Yes Yes Yes
Portrait mode Yes Yes Yes
PIP/PBP Yes Yes Yes
Edge blending Yes Yes Yes
USB display No No No
USB memory projection No No No
HDBaseT Yes Yes Yes
PJ link Yes Yes Yes
Crestron No


Yes Yes Yes
Dust proof (optical engine) Yes (IP5X) Yes (IP5X) Yes (IP5X)

*COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2019/2020: The light source of this product is not intended for applications other than image projection.

This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit. (
This product includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young (
This product includes software written by Tim Hudson (


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